What is this?

    'Simply Dodge' is a very simple game where there are objects coming your way and you must dodge them by moving. The longer you survive, harder the game gets and higher the score you get when you lose.
    Now also includes a cross-platform leaderboard and somewhat worse UI.

    This game was not meant to be an full fledged release game or anything in that matter,  but rather a basic project for myself to see and learn the proccess of designing, making, polishing and publishing a game from scratch.   However it is of course a fully completed game and playable. 

I may or may not update and add/change features in future.

How To Play

  • Mobile
    Swipe horizontally and vertically to move.
  • Desktop
    Use the `wasd` or direction keys on the keyboard to move.

Avaliable Platforms

  • Android 
  • Windows
  • Linux
  • Mac
  • Browser

Also my first devlog if you'd like to read more: https://samethope.itch.io/simply-dodge/devlog/450908/second-update-first-devlog-...


Simply Dodge v0_985 Desktop Build.zip 31 MB
Simply Dodge v0_985.apk 32 MB

Install instructions


A single APK file is provided. Download and install the APK file.

The game is not in Play Store. Your phone and/or google protection will warn you about the app not being secure because of this. However the game is, in fact, secure. You can scan it with any program anyway if you want to.

Windows / Linux / Mac

A single ZIP file is provided. The file contains a folder which has the game files. Unzip the file and open the game via `.exe` file. 

The game has been build for cross-platform in Unity, however I did not test the either Linux or Mac builds as I do not have those operating systems. So they might have problems or not work at all, in that case inform me.


No file is provided as the game is hosted in this page and would be a burden to get working anyway.

Development log


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this game might become my new addiction....


Wow, thank you for thinking that way. Also after some time you commented this I've updated the game to have an leaderboard and more stuff, so you should definitely check it out again :)



Thank you!